Welcome to the Future of Data Centers Summit !!

About FDC

The Future of Data Centers Summit 2022 is a showcase of next generation technologies and strategies from the world of Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, an opportunity to explore and discover the practical and successful implementation of AI & Big Data in driving forward your business for a smarter future.
FDC Summit brings together business and technology leaders to explore what it takes to build human-centric AI, and how these approaches will bring the focus back to the people who will benefit from it.
The Future of Data Centers will present for the 4th year the power of integrated solutions to build your DC and let you know “How The Big Players, Play..”

FDC Values

Comprehensive Data Center Technologies coverage with top stakeholders participation
Targeted invitation with more than 10,000 Customers in Data Base in ICT Sector
Complete flow management system in registration, check in, special designed mobile app.
Best specialized speakers in technology and services providers
Government Officials presence and participation in open discussions related to Data center regulations
Great media activites and coverage in different press, social media and TV
Varied sponsorship booths or value added-ons sponsorsships
(ROI) rate as per FDC the last two rounds

Data Centers at a glance

Data Centers have become extremely powerful as a result of the high demand for computation and storage to support the increasing requirements of the number of business-critical apps such as e-commerce, social media, big data, cloud computing, online game hosting, energy efficiency, IoT and server’s density. In addition, Hyperscale data centers architecture have been introduced to enable organizations to add resources to their infrastructure for higher performance, capacity, throughput, and high availability. Analysts predictions for Hyper scale data centers present a great potential for growth within a five years period in term of number of built Data Centers, dependency on Virtualization, and the volume of stored Data fueled by big data and IOT.

FDC Technology Domains

This year FDC has a new approach to explore more Data Center Potentials in wider technology Domains including Hardware, Networking, Software, Preparations, Orchestration and Others. In addition to hosting more technology specialists capitalizing on last two years Summit success which had attended by about 2000 attendees of an excellent quality of guests.
The Summit will address all data centers technology domains as illustrated within Data Center Domains diagram; each technology domain will be presented through one of the market leaders within that particular technology Domain. Attendee will be free to register to the relevant sessions to his/her specializations.

4th Round Objectives

Take a Deeper dive in Data Centers technology domains from the business and technical perspectives.
Build a connection bridge between the market decision makers, and technical implementers from one side and the Data Center Technologies innovators and providers from the other side.
Leverage AI in the data center in a feasible manner to support data-driven business.
Capitalize on the worldwide cloud computing trend and the great potential for the cloud services concept and value propositions.
Explore the DC vision from the technology stockholder's perspective like Technology innovators, Vendors, Service providers, Government officials, Systems Integrators, Distributors, Auditors and others.

Why Attend FDC 2022 ?

Participate in the leading DC Summit across MENA region in IoT, AI, Big Data, Cyber Security and Cloud.

FDC is a great platform for IT Professionals to meet and discuss the future of DC technology. From enterprise to government, SMBs to technology and service providers, it is suitable for those who are making investment and strategy decisions, or building and executing projects within their organisation.

Networking Opportunities: Access exclusive networking opportunities

  • CTO & CIO
  • CDO & COO
  • IT Directors & Managment
  • Head of Data & insights
  • IT Architects
  • Programme Managers
  • R&D Managers
  • Data Analysts & Scientists
  • Business Intelligence Managers Line
  • of Business Managers & Directors
  • Service Providers
  • Marketing Directors & Managers

FDC in Action

The Future of Data Centers (FDC) Summit will provide a general highlight to Data Center technologies from different technology perspectives within the event through: General sessions, which will be presented over the two days from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, followed by Three Breakout Rooms that will include the specialized material for every two closely integrated technology domains in sessions from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.